Towards cleaner water

Researching biological solutions to wastewater

VPSEM image of nitrifying biofilm colored blue

Our team

Our research group endeavours to address the complex challenges facing wastewater treatment systems in Canada and around the world and to ultimately help reduce the release of harmful substances to our natural waters. The group consists of undergraduate to doctorate students and research fellows. We welcome and celebrate diversity in the team. One of the key goals of our group is to promote sharing, not only of lab material but also of knowledge and achievements.

Principal Investigator

Robert Delatolla

Professor Robert Delatolla is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa. He leads a research group of passionate Environmental Engineering students and researchers that take on the difficult challenges that face our current practices of wastewater treatment, stormwater management and potable water production.

Research Approach

Our group’s research philosophy is to use modern microscopic and molecular analytical tools to study innovative biological treatment systems at the macro, meso, micro and molecular-scales. We apply the gained in-depth knowledge to the design and operation of suspended growth and biofilm technologies to meet the critical challenges facing wastewater treatment systems in Canada and around the world.