Our Team


Robert Delatolla

Principal Investigator

Professor Robert Delatolla is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Chemical Engineering at McGill University and has been awarded the University…


Patrick D'Aoust

Laboratory Technician / Ph.D. Candidate

Patrick D’Aoust is the technical office of the Environmental Engineering laboratories at uOttawa. He received his M.A.Sc. in 2016 with his research focusing on hydrogen sulfide production in wet stormwater ponds. Patrick currerntly has…


Neda Arabgol

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Raheleh (Neda) Arabgol is a PhD candidate in Environmental engineering at University of Ottawa, working under the supervision of Dr. Robert Delatolla (University of Ottawa, Ottawa) and Dr. Peter Vanrolleghem…


Alexander Schopf

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Alexander Schopf is a Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Candidate working on exploring ammonia removal through the use of the moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technology. Specifically, his work includes…


Warsama Ahmed

Ph.D. Civil Engineering Candidate

Warsama Ahmed is a Ph.D candidate in Civil Engineering currently conducting research on low temperature attached growth nitrification. His research includes investigations of low carbon nitrification…


Xin Tian

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Xin Tian is a PhD candidate in Environment Engineering working on different biofilm technologies in wastewater treatment. Her current research focuses on the anammox process in moving bed biofilm…


Alexandra Tsitouras

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Alexandra Tsitouras is in her third year of the University of Ottawa’s Ph.D. Program in Environmental Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Robert Delatolla and Prof. Alain Stintzi. She obtained…


Juliet Ikem

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Juliet is from Nigeria, with a Bachelors’ degree in Applied Microbiology and Master’s Degree in Environmental Science with specialization in Environmental Engineering from Coventry University…


Rochelle Mathew

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering

I started at the Delatolla lab as a volunteer and have been lucky enough to involve myself in many projects over the years. I was first trained by Dr. Bradley Young, and helped him with his MBBR pilot plant by…


Guillaume LeBlond

M.A.Sc. Civil Engineering Candidate

Guillaume LeBlond is a M.A.Sc. Civil Engineering candidate working on improving the performance of lagoon wastewater treatment systems, in cold and temperate climates at the University of Ottawa…


Bianca Amaral-Stewart

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Bianca Amaral-Stewart is a M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering candidate. Her research is focused on optimizing start-up conditions for the anammox treatment process in ammonia-rich wastewater streams…


Éric Robert

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Éric Robert is a M.A.Sc Environmental Engineering Candidate working on the removal of ammonia for the treatment of municipal wastewater with moving bed biofilm reactor technology…


Nathan Ramsay

Undergraduate Thesis Candidate

Nathan is a 4th year student enrolled in the University of Ottawa’s Civil Engineering program with a specialization in Environmental and Water Resources. His main research project involves the treatment…



Cassandra Lavigne

Undergraduate Honours Candidate

Cassandra is a 4th year undergraduate student studying Environmental Science (specialization in Global Change) at the University of Ottawa. As a Research Assistant, she contributed to the disc filter project…


Antoine Cantin

Research Assistant / Webmaster

Antoine is currently a 4th year environmental science student at the University of Ottawa, specialising in Global Change. As a COOP student, his main research contributions are in connection with the disk filter… 



Pranesh Choolhun

Research Assistant

Pranesh Choolhun is currently a 3rd year civil engineering student at the University of Ottawa. As a Coop student, the projects that he is working on are, testing a new disk filter system at the lagoon of Alfred…


May Ourabi

Research Assistant

May is currently “testing the waters” as a research assistant while going into her third year of pursuing an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering with an option in Environmental Engineering…


Chandana Sundar

M.Eng Environmental Engineering Candidate

Chandada is a M.Eng. project student working on attached growth partial nitrification. 



Bahman Banihashemi

Post-doctorate Fellow

Bahman Banihashemi completed a year in the team as a post-doctorate fellow working on an innovative hybrid MBBR and BAF wastewater treatment technology along with aerated granule technology…


Baisha Ren


Edit Baisha Ren successfully completed an M.A.Sc. working on innovative techniques for the analysis and identification of biofilm media in MBBR reactors under different operating and loading conditions…


Bradley Young


Bradley Young successfully completed a PhD working on cold water MBBR tertiary nitrification of lagoon wastewater effluents. Mr. Young has a MASc from the department of civil engineering at the University…


Juliana Mejía-Franco

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Juliana completed her master’s program in Environmental Engineering. In her thesis project she analyzed the performance of the manure pile runoff treatment system of a cattle farm located in Winchester…


Liyu Chen

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Liyu Chen’s research included the investigation of dissolved oxygen, temperature and chlorophyll distribution as well as the bathymetry and fluid velocity in a stormwater pond. The motivation…


Nour Imad Al-Ghussain

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Nour successfully completed a masters in Environmental Engineering with a focus on wastewater treatment. Her thesis’s title is “The removal of high loads of ammonia from industrial wastewater…


Peter Roebuck

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Peter Roebuck is a slightly oddish fellow who was investigating ultrasoninc pretreatment of biofilm and suspended sludges for improvements to anaerobic digestion. Mr. Roebuck is an EIThas…


Ru Wang

M.Eng. Environmental Engineering

My name is Ru Wang. I am an M.A.Sc student working on the investigation of microbial community structure shifts in the benthic zone and water column of the Riverside South Pond II (phase one)…