Cassandra Lavigne

Undergraduate Honours Candidate

Cassandra is a 4th year undergraduate student studying Environmental Science (specialization in Global Change) at the University of Ottawa. As a Research Assistant, she contributed to the disc filter project that occurred in the township of Alfred. Following the closure of this project, she will begin working on her Honours Project which will involve anaerobic ammonium oxidization by biofilm.

 Cassandra has experience in various fields having previously worked as a Junior Environmental Officer for Fortress Cellulose Spécialisée (Pulp and Paper Factory) as well as for Public Services and Procurement Canada. During these experiences, she gained knowledge of environmental regulations and compliance with regards to both the private and public sectors. When out of the lab, she works as a Head Lifeguard and Aquafitness Instructor for the City of Ottawa. 

Cassandra has a very curious and adventurous mind, and loves to learn. Her desire to live new experiences makes her dream of backpacking around the world one day, meeting new people and learning about different cultures along the way.

Contact information

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