Juliet Ikem

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Candidate

Juliet is from Nigeria, with a Bachelors’ degree in Applied Microbiology and Master’s Degree in Environmental Science with specialization in Environmental Engineering from Coventry University, United Kingdom. She worked as an Assistant lecturer in the Department of Environmental Management at Ebonyi State University, Nigeria; where she had the opportunity to teach and work on biological wastewater treatment projects. Her research interest includes biological treatment of water and wastewater, biofilms characterization & optimization and environmental microbiology. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of Ottawa with a research focus on biological treatment of wastewater with emphasis on advanced biofilms characterization and optimization of biofilms treatment. She intends to pursue a career in research and development of biological methods for solving water and wastewater problems for industries after her doctoral studies.

Contact information

Office: N/A
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Email: jikem054@uottawa.ca.