Nathan Ramsay

Undergraduate Thesis Candidate

Nathan is a 4th year student enrolled in the University of Ottawa’s Civil Engineering program with a specialization in Environmental and Water Resources. His main research project involves the treatment and characterization of lagoon solids using Disc Filter technology for the township of Alfred, Ontario. Peripherals of this project include identification of algae and monitoring the concentrations of constituents such as E-Coli and chlorophyll-α throughout the lagoon’s discharge cycle. 

Before the Alfred project, Nathan spent his summers working as a Municipal Construction Inspector for the City of Peterborough and as a Road Construction Junior Inspector for GD Jewell Engineering located in Belleville, Ontario. When not at work, Nathan enjoys engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and tennis.

At home, you can find him sitting at his desk accumulating new knowledge and singing along to his favorite tunes.

Contact information

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