Nour Imad Al-Ghussain

M.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Nour successfully completed a masters in Environmental Engineering with a focus on wastewater treatment. Her thesis’s title is “The removal of high loads of ammonia from industrial wastewater after C&P removal using an MBBR batch reactor”. The effluent from a cheese factory contains high nutrient loadings which must be removed before discharge. In order to do so, the effluent first undergoes treatment using an SBR (sequencing batch reactor) housing MBBRs (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors).The process removes the carbon and phosphorus from the wastewater , while the ammonia concentrations remain high.The setup used for the treatment is comprised of two 1L tanks that operate in series to the SBR/MBBR unit. The MBBR batch is operated under aerobic conditions, to foster a nitrifying community. The overall aim of the research was to remove the high loads of ammonia from the water under low carbon concentrations.

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