Dr. Robert Delatolla

Principal Investigator

Professor Robert Delatolla is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Chemical Engineering at McGill University and has been awarded the University of Ottawa Excellence in Education award and the Faculty of Engineering John V. Marsh Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Professor Delatolla’s research is focused on biological wastewater treatment with a particular interest in the application, modification and optimization of biofilm technologies. His research approach is to use modern molecular and microscopic techniques to improve the current understanding of biological systems at the meso, micro and molecular-scale to enhance the design and operation of these engineered treatment systems. 

Professor Delatolla collaborates with many local and international partners. He is currently working on ammonia removal at low temperatures by moving bed biofilm reactors; the development of robust and stable biofilm partial nitritation systems; the optimization of biofilm anammox technologies; the optimization of hybrid biological treatment systems; the understanding of hydrogen sulfide production in wet stormwater ponds; biological treatment of industrial wastewaters from mines, breweries and food production facilities; biofiltration performance as a means of disinfection by-product removal and the optimization of anaerobic digestors.